We have some fantastic equipment across our labs.

Specialising in high pressure and low temperatures to mimic the cold end of an LNG Plant, accurate and specific analysis apparatus for characterising mixtures and lab scale LNG unit operations. We’ve detailed some of our equipment below.

Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscope

Raman Microscope

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that can be used to understand the makeup of a material by analysing how light interacts with it.

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Micro-Mechanical Force Apparatus

Micro Mechnical Force Apparatus

When transporting natural gas or carbon dioxide in a pipeline solids called hydrates can form and aggregate, leading to blockages.

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Magritek 1T


This novel very compact benchtop NMR spectrometer provides chemical content analysis similar to high-field NMR spectrometers, and thus allows for the elucidation of molecular structure and quantification of chemical concentrations across a large range of samples.

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High Pressure Cryogenic DSC

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Differential Scanning Calorimetry is a versatile technique used to measure a number of thermo-physical properties, derived from the direct measurement of heat flow between a sample cell and reference cell inside a calorimetry block.

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High Pressure Rheometer

High Pressure Rheometer

This Hybrid Rheometer can be used to determine the rheological properties of materials by analysing their stress / strain relationship.

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Lab Scale Cryogenic Distillation Column

Scrub Column

At 50mm in diameter and 2m high the column replicates a key component of the LNG Plant. It allows validation of key process data to improve plant design and operation. The column has functionality to simulate Floating LNG plant conditions such as wave motion and tilt.  In conjunction with CSIRO and utilising existing CSIRO SynCat infrastructure…

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Hytra Flow Loop

Flow Loop

In collaboration with CSIRO we operate the Hytra Flow Loop.  The one inch diameter, cooled, one-pass flow loop is designed to study the formation of gas hydrates in oil and gas pipelines.

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Rubotherm Density Measurement System


The Rubotherm density measurement system allows highly accurate density measurements of fluids (liquids, vapours, supercritical gases) to be made.  The system uses the Archimedes‘ principle, the acknowledged reference method to obtain the highest precision measurements of density. A sinker, whose volume is known, is weighed in the measuring fluid. The buoyancy that the sinker experiences…

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Lab Scale DR-Pressure Swing Adsorption


The Dual Reflux Pressure Swing Adsorption (DR-PSA) system is a lab scale unit operation designed to test adsorption media and processes.  A key focus of recent research includes the separation of nitrogen from methane.  The custom designed system has two 50mm diameter and 1m long adsorption columns, precise instrumentation and a fully automated control system.  Product…

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