Star Wars & LNG Research

November 28, 2016

LNG Futures at the launch of the Woodside Future Lab OceanWorks space.

LNG Futures at the launch of the Woodside Future Lab OceanWorks space.

Last week the new Woodside Future Lab OceanWorks collaboration space was launched.  For this a ‘Movie Night’ was held to announce winners of the OceanWorks PhD Student video competition.

LNG Futures PhD Students Fernando Perez and Temi Kuteyi took out the crowd favourite award.  Their video explains the areas of their LNG research: Flow Assurance & Boil Off Gas.  Attendees commended Fernando and Temi’s ability to make the difficult topics accessible to a general audience.  This combined with a Star Wars theme made for a crowd favourite.

In total there were 15 video entries. Other entries from LNG Futures were,

Kumarini Seneviratne who explains the phenomenon of Critical Opalescence.  Kumi observed this phenomenon when studying LNG mixtures at very high pressure in the laboratory.  Critical opalescence only occurs at the critical point for fluids and is when the mixture glows due to it no longer being distinctly a gas or a liquid.

Arman Siahvashi gave an overview of his research on cryogenic solids formation as applied to LNG mixtures.  His research is important to better define the compounds in natural gas that can freeze out and cause problems in LNG operations such as forming blockages in equipment and piping.

All three videos can be view on our YouTube channel.

The OceanWorks space is sponsored by our partner organisation Woodside Energy and located in the new Oceans Institute building at the UWA Crawley campus.

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