CryoFAST is a simulation tool that has been created for predicting solid deposition risk in cryogenic heat exchangers. CryoFAST combines entirely standalone multi-phase equilibrium models powered by a thermodynamic property package known as ThermoFAST*, dynamic material and energy balance calculations, and hydrodynamic equations to quantify and locate solid formation (and possible deposition) inside the heat exchanger. It also provides convenient predictions of possible solid formation temperatures for a given feed composition and pressure. The component calculations used by CryoFAST have been tested against other software packages in which similar component models are implemented.

*ThermoFAST is a standalone thermodynamic property calculator that is also freely available

Download CryoFAST

To install CryoFAST, simply download the link, and extract the “.zip” file anywhere on your hard drive. Once extracted simply double click on the CryoFAST icon to begin using the tool. Because it’s an .exe file you may need administrator privileges: if a warning box appears please untick the box marked ‘always ask before opening this file’, then click ‘OK’ to proceed. User and technical documentation containing all inbuilt models and algorithms are available through the user interface.

If you have any feedback, questions about the software or want continuous updates on our product, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the following developers:

Corey Baker:

Eric May:

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