Research Excellence Acknowledged: Congratulations Dr Thomas Rufford

September 27, 2019

Congratulations to @aclngf Chief Investigator, Dr Thomas Rufford for his UQ Research Excellence Award. More about his project “Controlling wettability of gas diffusion electrodes for electrochemical CO2 reduction” can be seen here.

Electrochemical conversion of CO2 emissions from heavy industries to valuable products like carbon monoxide or fuels could have a significant impact on CO2 abatement. For example, converting even 10% of CO2 from global steel production would abate 320 million tonne CO2 per year. The expected project outcomes will lead to efficient, low cost CO2 conversion technologies. Products of CO2 conversion could be used within an industrial plant or sold to off-set costs of CO2 mitigation. The impacts of this project could be used across a range of applications, from large scale iron making plants to domestic fuel cells.

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