Multi-phase Flow & Boil Off Rates in Offshore LNG Production Systems


Two important challenges in FLNG operations are: (1) the effect of complex undulations caused by ocean swells and tilt on the operation and performance of process equipment (these effects will become more severe for FLNG vessels smaller than Prelude); and (2) reliable predictions of LNG boil-off in sloshing cryogenic storage tanks (boil-off can be a driver for auto-stratification, which leads to the dangerous phenomenon of LNG rollover6). This project will investigate the multiphase flow patterns inside process equipment (packed bed & tray columns, cryogenic storage tanks) when subjected to simulations of vessel motions. Gas-liquid distributions inside the model process columns and storage tanks mounted on hexapods will be measured by conducting lab-scale experiments with non-intrusive multiphase electrical capacitance tomography. The PhD student will develop and validate computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and advanced boil-off models incorporating multiphase hydrodynamics. These will enable improved process design for FLNG to mitigate the problems associated with vessel motion and tilt.

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