Dr Kevin (Gang) Li

Kevin Li

Chief Investigator, University of Melbourne

Dr Gang (Kevin) Li is a senior lecturer of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He completed BE and ME degrees in Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University in China, and later a PhD at Monash University in Australia. Dr Li’s research expertise is separation science and technologies, with particular interest in mass transfer in microporous materials, pressure swing adsorption processes, and waste recycling for the applications of natural gas processing, carbon capture, and environmental remediation. He was an ARC DECRA fellow (2014-2016) and the Research Theme Leader of ARC ITTC (Australian Centre for LNG Futures) since 2016. Dr Li has more than 50 publications in international peer reviewed journals including Nature Communications, JACS and AIChE J. He is also the main inventor of 12 patents including 3 PCTs, and the winner of two WA Innovator Of The Year awards. His invention of the world best performing methane adsorbent so far has been commercialized for the enrichment of unconventional natural gases. He welcomes potential PhD students with a passion for science.

Training Centre Projects: Synthesising Low Cost Zeolites from Fly Ash. PSA for Separating N2 & He from Natural Gas, Synergistic CO2 & H2O Removal in FLNG Operations

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