LNG Futures Facility

ACLNGF Capture 1

The LNG Futures Facility is the flagship project for the Australian Centre for LNG Futures. It will consist primarily of a small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant capable of producing up to 10-tonne-a-day of LNG. It will be fully functioning, complete LNG producing plant with the purpose of fulfilling research, training and technology demonstration objectives. It will also incorporate a H2 Export Train available for the purpose of developing Australia’s hydrogen export industry. Several potential sources of hydrogen will be considered, and the synergies between LNG production and hydrogen liquefaction will be maximised.

The LNG Futures Facility will be a national, open access resource providing direct benefits to Australian industry. By providing a globally unique platform to demonstrate new technologies in a live plant environment, this facility will enable rapid deployment and adoption of innovative solutions by Australian producers, suppliers and consumers of LNG and Hydrogen.

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