LNG Futures Facility: Concept Select and Pre-FEED

The LNG Futures Facility has commenced Phase 1 of the feasibility study. The consortium partners, NERA (National Energy Resources Australia), Chevron, Shell, Hyundai Heavy Industries and The University of Western Australia, are supporting the concept select and pre-FEED phases.

The design will include two trains: 1 for research & 1 for training

The Research Facility will provide real fluids for technology demonstration of:

  • New processes (e.g. Sabatier process)
  • New sensors (e.g. heavy HC dropout )
  • Synergistic operations: membranes and molecular sieves for amine-free plant

The Training Facility will utilise a small scale LNG Plant

There will be more and better instrumentation than industrial plants to ensure maximum data quality & rich data sets for training

The trains will also be used to qualify “Industry 4.0” advances e.g. digital sensing & robotic technologies

For the latest briefing LNG Futures Facility_Mar2018