Industry 4.0 Energy and Resources Digital Interoperability (ERDi) Testlab

ERDI TestLab-01

February 5, 2019

UWA, in partnership with Enterprise Transformation Partners, AMIRA and South Metropolitan TAFE, will establish the I4.0 Energy and Resources Digital Interoperability (ERDi) Testlab. This will be a globally unique facility established to help enable the widespread adoption of digital Industry 4.0 technologies into the production and processing of Australia’s energy and resources.

This will be achieved by targeting the single-most critical technical challenge that constrains the natural resources industry from utilising Industry 4.0 operating models: standards-based digital interoperability.

The I4.0 ERDI Testlab will also facilitate broad engagement with the small-medium enterprises (SMEs) working within and/or engaging with Australia’s energy and resources sector.

The third key function of the I4.0 ERDI Testlab will be to help prepare and up-skill Australia’s workforce as it adapts to the implementation of digital I4.0 technologies across these critical industry sectors

The I4.0 Testlab for Energy and Resources Digital Interoperability has received a grant of $1 million in funding from the Australian Government’s Industry 4.0 Testlabs for Australia Initiative which is being matched by the University and industry.

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