Get Involved

Schools & Community Groups

Our PhD students are great at telling their stories, promoting STEM, academic and industry pathways as well as increasing public knowledge of the LNG industry.  Our students would love to come to you whether you are a school or another community organisation. If you’d like to find out more contact us.

PhD Internships

As part of their PhD each of the Training Centre students must spend a year of their study in industry placements. The objective of this is to promote industrial training and linkages between research and the LNG industry.  The industrial placements don’t necessarily need to be in the area of research as any exposure to the LNG or more broadly the oil and gas industry is seen as having great benefits for both the student and the hosting company.

We have fantastic students, many already with a number of years’ experience in the oil & gas industry who would love the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in industry. If you think you may have an opportunity for an internship please contact us –we’d love to discuss.


Mentoring is an important part of development and training for all Training Centre personnel.  We strive to have mentoring relationships within academia and within industry and for these relationships to be mutually beneficial.  For our mentors from industry, mentoring offers a great insight into the university and the LNG research we undertake.

If you’d like to enquire about being part of our mentoring program please contact us.