Director Eric May at The Resources Technology Showcase 2019 – November, Perth


November 27, 2019

The mining and energy technology showcase in Perth, Western Australia today provided a platform for industry executives to talk about the technologies transforming their operations. In parallel, an exhibition was setup full of technology exhibits for primary and secondary school students to experience the future of these industries.

At this event, the Hydrogen Horizons panel, sought to discuss various options for a hydrogen future. In Australia, mining and energy companies have flagged an interest in this energy source. Universities too have turned their attention to “brown”, “blue” and “green” hydrogen research. They can play a role by focussing on the cost of hydrogen on both a domestic and export scale. ACLNGF Director, Eric May, a Hydrogen Horizons panel member sought to explain the synergies between the very successful Australian LNG industry and the emerging hydrogen industry “many of the same people, through their skills and knowledge base will allow us to transfer understanding from the LNG to a liquid hydrogen industry, enabling us to grow the industry more quickly. Many outcomes from the LNG industry may be applied”. He said “governments have the opportunity to provide a leadership role in moving Australia towards a hydrogen future, particularly regarding the use of hydrogen for domestic versus export”.

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